What The Rangers Kids Can Bring-Part 2

July 17th, 2014 at 1:54 pm by Ross Rhea

With the New York Rangers in a bind with cap space currently, chances are they will take a chance bringing up some younger players to fill in roles when needed. They need younger players to step up, more on offense currently, however, there are still plenty of defensive prospects who could see some time over the course of the season. Here is a breakdown of what you might see out of the younger players coming up through the Rangers system on defense and how they got to this point so far. 

Dylan McIlrath, Defense

McIlrath was chosen for one reason back in 2010 and that’s his aggressive, physical style of gameplay he brings from the back end. He doesn’t bring much on the offensive side (though the Rangers hoped that part of his game would develop) the the puck, however, he has a good shot and his puck distribution has been improving over time. He still has some work to do, the 2013-2014 AHL season was his first full pro season after missing half of last season with a serious knee injury.  He has accumulated 290 PIM the last 2 seasons with plenty of fights to his name at the AHL level. The Rangers still think he can step in as time goes on and eventually be a bruising defenseman in the lineup every night.

Connor Allen, Defense

Allen was another Rangers college free-agency pick up signed in March 2013 after a stellar junior season at UMass-Amherst. That season he posted 5-14-19 in 33 games along with 53 PIM before signing and joining the Rangers farm system. In his rookie AHL season with the Hartford Wolfpack, Allen had a strong campaign posting 31 points and 71 PIM in 72 games. He also played well enough to join the Rangers for 3 games during the regular season. Allen is still young and needs some time to develop in the professional ranks before a full time gig in the NHL. Still, the potential is there and Allen could make an appearance this season.

Mat Bodie, Defense

Bodie was signed after captaining Union’s 2014 NCAA Championship run by the Rangers after a strong 4 year college career. Bodie is only on a 1-year deal and is more of a depth option, but provided plenty of good play at his time with Union College. Playing in 154 games during his 4 seasons, Bodie had 124 points and was considered a team leader the entire way. One never knows how these types of signings will work out (i.e. Matt Gilroy) but if he proves his worth in the AHL this season, he could see another contract and some future time in the NHL.

The only other real prospect for the Rangers defensively going forward is Brady Skjei, who has made considerable leaps while playing for the University of Minnesota and also with the United States World Junior squad. He will return to college for his junior season based on his own decision, as he feels his development will continue there. At the end of this season, he is likely to join the Rangers farm system and start his pro career.

7 thoughts on “What The Rangers Kids Can Bring-Part 2

  1. 071189

    Allen, according to some scouts, was bypassed by McIlrath during the 2nd half of the AHL season.
    Believe it or not, McIlrath’s offense has improved, & he does have a 90+ mph slap shot.
    McIlRath is 22 and Allen will be 25 during next season.
    If the Ranger’s intention was to catch lighting in a bottle with Allen, it didn’t happen. He is a 6th defenseman at best, excelling at nothing.
    Bodie is 24 & weighs like a 165 lb; how much upside do you think he has? Do you think he will start putting on some weight when he hits 30?
    Kyle Jean, Conner Allen, Matt Bodie, & Martin Hrivik were just players both Sather & Gordie Clark tried to distract Ranger fans with as to how great they looked in camp. In fact, they stunk & nothing more than AHL types. But Sather has thrown away 3 number one picks, 3 number two picks (for Erixon & Clowe) and needs Ranger fans to focus away from the future & the worst minor league prospects in the NHL

  2. 071189

    Girardi, Klein, McDonough, Moore made the team at around 22, Staal at 20. McIlrath is 22 and if he is not ready should be moved. Boston has 8 NHL defenseman and a solid left side prospect in 21 yr old Joe Morrow at 6-1, 205. If Boston wants to continue with the likes of Chara & Lucic, then maybe McIlarth for Morrow might not be a bad trade. Morrow is like 8 months younger; a McDonough mobile type player, although a little tougher like Girardi & Klein.

  3. 071189

    Bogus post; you keep posting, they keep deleting. Watch out for Ross Rhea same person who wanted Rangers to draft 165 lb defenseman in 2nd rd who ended up being drafted in 4th rd by someone else.

      1. 071189

        Mr Goldthorpe, please don’t make things personal. If you can’t win an
        argument, only a fool resorts to slander. My post suddenly reappear a
        day later.
        By the way, Luc Snuggerud, Ross Rhea’s choice for the Rangers to pick
        in the 2nd rd, was picked by Chicago in the 5th rd

        1. bill goldthorpe

          No. He was not his choice for the Rangers second round pick. As I’ve already clearly shown you. Comments are now moderated for spam, which the dribble that you continue to incessantly post is quickly becoming.

  4. 071189

    By the way, in evaluating talent. I suggested BEFORE THE NHL DRAFT,Rangers go after right handed shot defensemen Dougherty, McKeown, & Glover.
    Dougherty & McKeown were picked in the 2nd rd, & Glover was picked in the 3rd round.
    The guy the Rangers drafted in the 2nd rd was a 2nd string goalie who hardly played last year & was ranked to go somewhere in the 3rd-5th rd. No one except Gordie Clark of the Rangers had him ranked as a 2nd rounder.


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