This week in stupid: The idea that Emerson Etem is not making the Rangers

September 27th, 2015 at 1:31 pm by Bill

Emerson Etem is making the Rangers.

He will not be sent to Hartford and be exposed to waivers, where he will surely be claimed. The Rangers will not do so in order to keep Tanner Glass. This idea is incredibly stupid, but somehow a few Rangers beat writers all appear to have come to the conclusion that the final forward spot will be a battle between Tanner Glass and Etem.

That sound you hear is me banging my skull against a concrete wall.

Etem is not going to be cut by the Rangers because he has had an underwhelming pre-season. Besides the fact the Rangers obviously believe he can be a useful player (after all, they traded Carl Hagelin for him three months ago), he’s still only 23 and has an NHL skill set. His age and affordability in the short-term are important to the Rangers, who will always be a salary cap team. They want and need him to succeed and he’ll be given every opportunity to do so. Why in the freezing cold hell would they suddenly give up on him after a few ‘meh’ pre-season games?

Small sample size is still a thing, last I checked.

Sure, Etem’s not going to automatically always be on the Rangers because he was once traded for #TrueRanger Carl Hagelin. Thanks for clueing us all in on what a ‘sunk cost’ is, but it is exactly because of their investment in him, that the Rangers aren’t going to suddenly change course after a few pre-season games. You don’t execute a trade in a stock you presumably believe in, did your diligence on, only to sell it a few days later because of some volatility.

That’s stupid.

So yes, over the short-term Etem is going to be given every opportunity to succeed. In the long-term, he won’t if he underperforms. After all, we’re all dead in the long-term yo.

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