The Rangers dilemma with Marc Staal accelerates

July 22nd, 2014 at 5:00 am by Bill

Marc Staal is one year away from unrestricted free agency and the Rangers may have already missed their best opportunity to solve the dilemma. According to Larry Brooks, Staal may be seeking a multi year deal worth $5.5M per, which is entirely too much for the Rangers-bred defenseman.

If Staal really is seeking the same six year, $30M contract that the Rangers gave Dan Girardi, he should have been moved at the 2014 draft. Staal represents the league’s imperfect understanding of what constitutes a good stay at home defenseman. It’s entirely likely that Staal will receive more than Anton Stralman‘s five year, $22M contract, despite the fact the latter has consistently outperformed the former.

Prior to the draft, I advocated for the Rangers trading Staal in an attempt to get ahead of the curve and recoup a first round pick. We may be tired of the “Staal’s are bothers!” narrative, but what the Penguins did with Marc’s brother Jordan was very smart. They started contract negotiations early, realized they couldn’t afford him, and got working on a trade to a location he wanted to sign long-term. The Rangers should have done the same with Marc. Especially since in all likelihood, no team will be willing to part with a first round pick in next year’s draft; after all, it is the McJesus draft. Furthermore, by trading him at the draft, the Rangers would have had a stocked free agency pool to replace Staal and gain some ‘cost certainty’ ahead of the restricted free agency signings.

Staal’s status and worth will be discussed at length in the coming months. Consider this post the first salvo.

8 thoughts on “The Rangers dilemma with Marc Staal accelerates

  1. jcosmo

    Staal is worth $5-5.5M, though 4 to 5 years is all that I’d like to see the team go. He could step up to the 1st pair anytime necessary, and forms a great defensive trio for years to come. Those dollars are what a top defenseman in the league gets these days.

      1. zucc

        He most certainly is a top defensemen lmao. One of the best shutdown d men in the league you have no idea what your talking about. He’s a number 1 pair d man on every team in the league

    1. hockeyguy

      Top defenseman get more than $5-5.5M. The issue here is that top-4 D are getting $4.5-5.5M (see: Tyler Myers, Dennis Wideman, Justin Faulk, James Wisniewski). And top pair D, or #1 D are getting $6.5 million plus.

  2. zucc

    5.5 is a steal for staal if that’s what he’s asking sign him he’s one of the best shutdown guys in the game today should have the c next season. He’s 100% better then stralman. Wants to stay here. What this author doesn’t understand is defenders like marc staal are so hard to come by in the nhl. He’s much better then Girardi. Actually stralman o alot to staal being paired with staal made him a better player. Let’s not forget this was his first healthy season in 2 years and we made the finals. Trading staal is the stupidest thing I have read all off season

  3. zucc

    No joke these are the same reporters that last season said zuccarello was a wast of money so I take everything they say with a grain of salt

  4. wes

    Glenn Sather is the worst! 1st off, 2 first founders for 40 year old St Louis? The least you could’ve done was traded with Carolina or Edmonton for a first round pick in this past draft plus young prospects. I like Yakupov or Ryan Murphy. Now, you have to watch Staal cruise through this upcoming season looking forward to free agency, and not trying to get hurt. Plus, no one is going to give up much because its known he wants to join his brothers. Old Ass Sather screws up again!

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