The Goaltender Duel: Lundqvist vs. Price

May 16th, 2014 at 10:50 am by Bill

carey price vs. henrik lundqvist

The biggest question facing this Rangers team is: can they win a series in which their opponent’s goaltender is as good (or better) as Henrik Lundqvist? They have yet to do that. It’s fair to say that this series will come down to Lundqvist and Carey Price. Although it seems absurd to simplify what will be a complicated matchup for the Rangers, that’s what the story will likely will be when all is said and done. The reason the Canadiens advanced to the Eastern Conference Final is the same as the Rangers; goaltending. The winner of this series will have the goaltender who played better and more consistently.

Just for fun, here is a chart of 5 on 5 Sv% on a three game moving average for Lundqvist and Price over their last eight games. As you can see, both goaltenders are peaking.

Keep in mind, The King hasn’t won in Montreal since 2009. The Bell Centre truly is a house of horrors. So the Rangers have that going for them.


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