The Current Rangers Look For Next Season

July 8th, 2014 at 2:00 pm by Ross Rhea

As we approach mid-July and NHL Free Agency has slowed down, most of the serviceable players have been signed by their new (or current) teams. Therefore, we take a look at what the Rangers could possibly look like heading into next season, assuming they resign Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello,  Chris Kreider, and John Moore with their remaining $14 million in cap space.

Here is what I finally came to:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.25.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 1.25.50 PM

Based off this, there are a number of issues that still need to be addressed heading into the season. Will JT Miller, Jesper Fasth, and/or Danny Kristo be ready to play on the team and provide value? My guess on all 3 of them is that they will have struggles trying to compete in an 82-game NHL schedule. Will Dan Boyle be able to replace Anton Stralman alongside Marc Staal? I think Boyle can be a help offensively, but it will be tough to replace what Stralman brought all season last year. Does this team have enough fire power to score and win? Looking at the roster right now, this team will not be able to produce the way they did last year, especially on the 3rd and 4th lines losing Brad Richards, Brian Boyle, Benoit Pouliot, and Derek Dorsett.

The Rangers don’t have much cap space with the 4 RFA’s needing new contracts, all of them coming off very good seasons and expecting pay upgrades to stay. Besides those young players, the only other real options for the Rangers will be Oscar Lindberg or Chris Mueller from the AHL. The question over the next few weeks is whether Glen Sather will use the phones and strike a deal to bring a player over that can help this team? Only time will tell.

5 thoughts on “The Current Rangers Look For Next Season

  1. paulronty

    First off Zucchy will be on the right wing not left. And I think Kreider would match up well with Miller as they had some chemistry together last year. And Kristo will DEFINITELY NOT be on the fourth line because he’s lacking in defensive skills. I see Lindberg there because he is strong defensively which is what you want on a 4th line.

    1. Ross Rhea Post author

      Again, this is preliminary, filling the gaps with what the Rangers have. They don’t have much more than Kristo right now with the 4th line as they lost more players than they gained. Lindberg will get a look but he’s not ready for a full 82 game schedule as I don’t think JT Miller will be either. Still a lot of things to see in the months ahead.

  2. 071189

    I guess McIlrath, Lindberg, & Conner will spend another year in the minors.
    Figure Kristo, McIlrath, maybe even JT Miller & Talbot get moved for a young forward, maybe right handed, hopefully, at least 6-0, 190 lbs. Center Brock Nelson of the Islanders, Forward Foligno of Buffalo are possibilities, but Sather usually waits till things blow up first before making his moves
    Rangers are smaller with Boyle (6-7) & Pouliot (6-3) gone. Glass is one tough guy, but he is older, smaller, less talented, & will play less minutes than either Boyle or Glass. Plus, Rangers have not replaced Richards- Rangers will struggle this season.

    1. Ross Rhea Post author

      Remember the East is much more wide-open than the West. The Rangers speed dominates a lot of East teams. Yes they also play West teams but not all of them are big and physical like LA with extreme talent mixed in. Look at the Blackhawks. They aren’t the biggest team in the the league but 2 Stanley Cup’s later….

      It’ll be an interesting year but the players brought in fit the system and will bring more good things than you may think. It was AV’s first season and a rough start, let’s see how they open and with a building at home to start it off early October.

  3. 071189

    I think Kristo is an RFA now, McIlrath, Fasth, Miller, Lindberg will be RFAs next season, & Talbot a UFA. Sather needs to start to work more than a 5 min day and either sign or trade these young players who have been in the system for a while now OR HE WILL LOSE THEM FOR NOTHING.
    All the other GMs trade their assets that they cannot sign for draft choices. Sather just sits on his hands, does nothing, and loses these guys FOR NOTHING. Please get a GM in here that has an idea how to manage his resources without losing them for nothing.


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