Steve Mason will start for Flyers in Game 4

April 24th, 2014 at 12:36 pm by Bill

So Ray Emery will grab some bench and Steve Mason will get the start for the Flyers in game 4 tomorrow. At this point, it’s tough to say whether or not Mason is a boost for the Flyers. Emery was very good in games 1 and 2 posting 5 on 5 save percentages of 93.1% and 95.8%, which was well above my previous expectations for him.

Emery was pretty bad in game 4 letting in 4 goals on 16 even strength shots. Though in fairness to Emery, one of the goals was a deflection, one was an atomic bomb of a top shelf rip from Dan Girardi in traffic, and the other was a pretty nice tip play by Brian Boyle and Dan Carcillo. So he let four goals in, but three would have been pretty damn tough stops. If it weren’t for Emery in game 2, this series would be 3-0 Rangers. It is because of him that the Flyers have an opportunity to even the series on home ice tomorrow.

McDonagh_Snipe Show (Flyers)

Mason is coming off an injury and his last start came nearly two weeks ago. In that start against the Penguins, Mason was injured and didn’t play in the third period. His last full 60 minute game came in a win against the Florida Panthers on April 8th. So it’s been awhile for Mason, who will either benefit from the rest or be rusty to start the game. Injuries are typically not periods of rest though, so I would bet on the latter.

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