Rangers sign Mike Kostka

July 1st, 2014 at 1:17 pm by Bill

The Rangers have signed defenseman Mike Kostka to a one year deal. I haven’t been able to link the dollar figure, but it is below $700K per. He replaces Justin Falk as the Rangers right handed seventh defenseman. You remember him, right? He’s serviceable in that role.

With that, the Rangers defense is basically set. Dan Boyle is the round peg that will be sledge hammered into the Anton Stralman square hole. Kostka will be held in reserve.

6 thoughts on “Rangers sign Mike Kostka

  1. paulronty

    I’ll take Dan Boyle over Stralsie for 2 years any day. Watch out for Bodie too, he might make Kostka irrelevant.

  2. 071189

    Well, with right side 28 yr old defensemen Kosta & Dan Boyle with his 38 yr old 2 yr, no trade contract
    1) Right side Dylan McIlrath’s career with Rangers has come to an end,
    2) With Boyle’s 2 yr no trade clause, Rangers will have problems with salary cap next season as
    at least Stepan, Hagelin will be RFAs and no money available to resign. Only St Louis’s contract will
    be coming off the books next year.
    3) Staal needs to be resigned as he is a UFA next season. However, with guaranteed contracts for Boyle,
    McDonough, Girardi, & Klein and none for less than $2.9, Rangers can’t afford Staal EVEN AT HIS CURRENT SALARY.
    Stay tuned for Ryan Carter, Tanner Glass signings, and a Staal trade.
    Somebody should get the Rangers a finance guy, or they will struggle with the cap every year.
    Manny Malholtra with his 7-8 goals & 65% FO % was signed for less than a million and Brian Boyle asking
    for $3 mil with like 6 goals??????

  3. 071189

    As I had hoped for after the Stanley Cup Finals, Rangers OVERPAID, but signed middleweight 190 lb LW Tanner Glass who can hit without taking a penalty, fight & punish most anyone under 200 lb. In fact, the last year he sent a bloodied Chris Neil to the locker room for repairs and beat the be jabbers out of Jay Rosehill. He has also been a dance partner with Mr Simmonds of Phila. and a couple of years ago bloodied Matt Martin of the Islanders. All fights are on UTube.
    Glass is also a leader, smart,a graduate of Dartmough, I believe. He blocks a lot of shots too

  4. 071189

    Sather signing Boyle, Kosta, Kampfer, Hunwick, all on defense, means Conner Allen, McIlrath, Body are all gone.
    Goodbye guys, we hardly knew you.


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