Rangers lose game one in overtime thanks to bad hockey

June 4th, 2014 at 11:37 pm by Bill

The Rangers lost 3-2 in overtime on a Justin Williams (I mean really, who else?) tally. It was made possible by a bad terrible egregious fucking awful turnover by Dan Girardi in his own corner. Which indicates either one of the following:

1) On the negative side, the Rangers were out everythinged (not a word) in the third period. I believe the final marker was 23 shots against, three for. Or something stupid like that. I could look it up in the box score, but nah. So either all of the talking heads are right and the Rangers suck in comparison to the Kings, or Alain Vigneault’s guys just happened to have their worst period of the season. Lets hope for the worst period of the season.


2) On the positive side, the Rangers played their worst period of the season and still nearly won. In fact, the game was winnable. Jonathan Quick made some timely saves. Martin St. Louis missed a mostly open net. Carl Hagelin had two other breakaways in which he didn’t score on. The Kings didn’t convert on any of their four power play chances. And outside of the third period, the Rangers at times dictated play and traded blows with the Kings.

So what’s the story? Probably a mix of both. The Kings are expected to own the puck more than the Rangers. But if the Rangers hope to win a game, they can’t piss away individual opportunities and decide to toss out an entire period of hockey in a tie game.


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