Rangers believed to have allotted $4 million for Stralman

June 22nd, 2014 at 10:00 am by Bill

According to Larry Brooks, the Rangers have allotted approximately $4 million for Anton Stralman this summer and are prepared to offer three to four years. For Rangers fans with a pulse, this is good news. I have Stralman pegged for $4.5 million a year, which is likely on the high end. I would expect Stralman to sign a deal, whether with the Rangers or another team, for four to five years at $4-4.5 million per year.

If Brooks report is accurate, we can probably surmise that a big name acquisition is not in the Rangers preferred plan this summer. As you can see from my estimated Rangers budget, it is damn near impossible to add a big ticket contract if Stralman is re-signed. If the Rangers are prepared to offer $4 million per year and four years, the negotiating gap should be small enough to get a deal done prior to July 1. As much as the advanced stats community loves Stralman (myself included), it remains to be seen how much this will translate to actual dollars in free agency.

One thought on “Rangers believed to have allotted $4 million for Stralman

  1. 071189

    Resigning Stralman means McIlrath is gone. Resigning Stralman will mean Rangers have 3 right side defensemen signed to long term contracts. Maybe Rangers will then trade McIlrath & RFAs Kristo & Bourque to get back into this year’s draft. Of course, Rangers could get back under the CAP by moving Staal who peaked 3 years ago & hgas no upside at all.


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