Rangers 2014 Draft Targets: Luc Snuggerud

June 19th, 2014 at 3:02 pm by Ross Rhea

The Rangers don’t have a first round pick in the 2014 draft thanks to the Martin St. Louis trade. In the days leading up to the draft Save By Richter will profile prospects who may be available starting in the second round. The players have been selected based on scouting reports that fit the mold of players the Rangers have drafted in recent years. Keep in mind, these are just profiles based on the reports of others.

Name: Luc Snuggeruda162_large
League: USHS
Team: Eden Prairie High School
Nationality: American
CSS Rank: 42 (North American)
ESPN Rank (Top 100): 88
THN Rank (Top 100): 63
Position: D
Size: 5’11″, 165 lbs

What the informed have to say about Snuggerud:

From Corey Pronman:

Snuggerud is the top high school prospect to come out of the Minnesota ranks this season. He’s a high-end skater who is described as “explosive” by scouts, due to how well he rushes up the ice and can lead the offensive charge. He’s also a very mobile all-directions player who stays with the fastest forwards effectively. He has a fine shot, and gets the puck through lanes well. He has a few flaws, though. Luc is a tad small (5-11, 165 pounds), and doesn’t project as a great physical player. His reads can be off a little too often in terms of risk-taking and not playing at the ideal pace. He is committed to the University of Nebraska-Omaha for the 2014-15 season.

From The Hockey News (print):

Offensive defensemen with vision, explosive stride.

From SB Nation:

Snuggerud’s upside is as a solid, puck-moving defenseman at the NHL level, and with emphasis on zone entry becoming one of the more popular trends in the game, Snuggerud’s skating ability with the puck is an attractive feature. He doesn’t quite have first pairing potential, but could be an effective and valuable part of a very good defensive group.

Why the Rangers may draft Snuggerud:

Snuggerud is a very smooth, strong skating defensemen with great vision; something the Rangers need to add to their system. He is explosive, racking up 8-30-38 for Eden Prairie High School in 25 games.  He will be playing US College Hockey at University of Nebraska-Omaha next season.

Snuggerud likes to join the rush but doesn’t lack in his defensive abilities. He can both carry the puck and dish it off when needed. He also has powerplay quarterback capabilities due to his strong shot. He is very aggressive in his own zone and recovers quickly when beat.

The Rangers have a need for a high-skill, puck moving offensive defenseman in their system and Snuggerud definitely fits that mold. He is  American and will be going the college route, a way the Rangers have went before in the draft (calling Derek Stepan and Chris Kreider in the house). Unlike the three previously profiled players, the Rangers will definitely have an opportunity to draft Snuggerud.


6 thoughts on “Rangers 2014 Draft Targets: Luc Snuggerud

  1. 071189

    Let’s see Brady Skjei, Marc Staal, Ryan McDonough, John Moore, Conor Allen, and that kid Brody. ALL YOUNG, ALL LEFT SIDE defensemen. Girardi, Klein, both 30….
    Rangers need right handed shots, the need to get bigger, and you suggest a left handed pipsqueak
    You might want to think about Roland McKeown, rtg handed defenseman 6-1, 185 (offense,defensive skills, & semi tough) or Josh Ho Sang RW/C)

    1. bill goldthorpe

      nobody you mentioned on the left side has a purely offensive component to their game. mcdonagh’s is developing, moore’s may, but left or right handed arguments for players not expected to make an impact in three to four years is absurd. the rangers do not need to get bigger, lose that dumb narrative. you have mentioned josh ho sang twice, he is a consensus first round pick. what are the rangers missing in this draft? a first round pick.

  2. 071189

    Josh Ho Sang, RW/C- sort of a Stepan/Hagelin clone 5-11, 165 who is right handed and, I forget Jack Doughterty 6-1, 185,, a lot like Roland McKeown

    1. billy ryan

      Ho Sang might as well have “bust” tattooed on his forehead. No drive in the kid at all, very selfish player, hockey IQ is blah.

  3. 071189

    Aaron Irving & Joshua Jacobs are right handed shot defensemen with both jam & some offensive/defensive/mobility skills. One site says because of hockey sense & size issues ,
    Ho Sang may slip into the 2nd rd.


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