Please Rangers, don’t sign Steve Ott

July 3rd, 2014 at 2:04 pm by Bill

I feared that the Rangers would evaluate their loss to the Kings and say “we got to get bigger and meaner”. The early returns on their 2014 off-season seem to suggest that is exactly what Glen Sather’s conclusion was. The Rangers seemingly went out of their way to draft size over skill in the early rounds of the 2014 draft (though that’s not entirely certain). They saw fit to sign Tanner frickin’ Glass to a 3 year contract, presumably for his face punching ability. Now there are rumblings that the Rangers are connected to Steve Ott, who lacks the ability to be a good hockey player in recent years, but is ‘tuff’.

I’ve been clamoring for the Rangers to sign a third line center for the entire off-season. It’s vital that they do so. But not Steve Ott. Do not sign Steve Ott. There are centers who have been better in recent years and add much more to the team other than being a ‘gritty character guy’.

The Rangers took what may prove to be a major step back in their ability to compete at evens with the addition of Dan Boyle and loss of Anton Stralman. In context, that move was made clearly to address the power play, which is a real problem, as opposed to this imagined one of the Rangers not being tough enough. Make a move that continues to address the power play, since Boyle alone doesn’t entirely fix the problem.

Signing Ott makes perfect sense though if I put on my Drunk Sather face. “Derek Stepan and Derick Brassard are too similar. Their names are both Derek! We need to add a dimension of intensity down the middle!”. No, please do not sign him.



3 thoughts on “Please Rangers, don’t sign Steve Ott

  1. 071189

    We brought in Richards, Nash, & St Louis to fix the power play and all are/were very high priced aging players. It didn’t work. What did work was Del Zotto on the point and Pouliot & Zuccarello crashing the net.
    How Sather adds another high priced aging player Boyle , on the downside of his career, to work on the power play.
    Ott is a talented faceoff guy and a hard bodychecker, but he does have a temper, and not big enough to back it up. Since Ott’s fighting skills do not approach a Glass, he is best suited to be a defensive pest with faceoff & defensive skills.with the potential for a 15 goal season.
    If Ott buys into Vigneault’s system, sign him. If he wants to be an out of control heat seaking missile that can’t back it up, then he can go elsewhere.
    Still think Staal & Kristo for Gleason & a #1 in 2015 (a deep draft) is the wayto go. We gain a couple of million to pay our RFAs in the deal. Hopefully, Allen & Skjei will be ready by in 2015?

  2. 071189

    Seems sather is intent on dismantling the entire team so he can have a last place team with best power play in NHL……..ain’t going to happen.

  3. Kevin Mccarthy . the choices are slim I’d love to see David Legwand to help on face off that was dismal in our play off run. Because we don’t have the money our options are thin. I say give Glass a chance he has played With AV so he knows the system. Also had less PIM then Dorsett So I see it as a positive. behind Legwand is Derrick roy and Steve Ott or pull up from the wolfpack.


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