NHL rulebook fails the Rangers and Stanley Cup Final

June 8th, 2014 at 12:23 am by Bill

The NHL should be very gravely concerned over the outcome of game two in the Stanley Cup Final. A blown call and an inadequate rulebook left an indelible mark on the pinnacle of the NHL season.

In a game where the Rangers were winning 4-2 in the third period, Dwight King tipped in a goal while clearly interfering with Henrik Lundqvist. It is indisputable that the goal should not have counted. Whether by goalie interference or incidental contact, Lundqvist was impeded from making the save by virtue of Dwight King sitting on top of him. Yet, it did count. Because referee Dan O’Halloran didn’t “see it”, even though a few million spectators did. The Kings found their stride after the goal and tied the game shortly thereafter. The rest is now history.

The NHL should be concerned that the best officials they have to offer dramatically altered a Stanley Cup Final series because of a blown call. A call that should have been easy to make. But they should be embarrassed that their rulebook hamstrung the on ice officials. All goals should be reviewable. Period. They matter too much.

O’Halloran should have had the affordable luxury of a second opportunity to review the goal. To right a wrong. To get the call right. But we now have a gigantic error that could have been prevented with a common sense rule; all goals are reviewable.

Instead of the Stanley Cup Final being tied going back to New York, it is 2-0 Kings. The Rangers shot at a Stanley Cup is greatly diminished. All because the NHL doesn’t want to “slow down the game” by sixty seconds or so.

Fans of other NHL teams may call this whining. But they should remember something important, their favorite team participates in a league with a grossly inadequate rulebook that just dramatically altered the Stanley Cup Final.

5 thoughts on “NHL rulebook fails the Rangers and Stanley Cup Final

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  2. Rangers Still Suck

    “It is indisputable that the goal should not have counted” Dan O’Halloran disagrees with this statement.

  3. Frank

    NOt only should that goal not counted What about the trip on Kreider’s break away that should have been a PS if not tripping. The trip on zuc was a trip by the kings SMH on how bad it was Plus no attacking player is to be in the crease b4 the puck

    Rule 78 — Protection of Goalkeeper

    (a) If an attacking player initiates any contact with a goalkeeper, incidental or otherwise, while the goalkeeper is in his goal crease, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed

  4. Kevin Smith

    2 GAMES, 2 UNBELIEVABLY BAD CALLS cost the Rangers the chance to really play all out to see who would win the Cup. but instead, they were robbed of that opportunity. the refs should be suspended, retrained & made to memorize the rulebook as well as given the opportunity to review the play in question. both times the Rangers were punished by the refs & those making the decisions. this series was tarnished by bad officiating.


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