Mike Ribeiro to Nashville

July 15th, 2014 at 3:30 pm by Ross Rhea

Mike Ribeiro was expected to and did make an announcement today on where he would sign this season upcoming. This comes just a few weeks after being bought out after the 1st year of a 4 year contract and essentially trashed by Arizona Coyotes GM Don Maloney, saying he had behavioral issues that were detrimental to the team and could not be tolerated further.

Well, Ribeiro has bounced back and landed in Nashville on a 1 year, $1.05 million contract. Derek Roy also signed with Nashville, those 2 centers regarded as the best free agent options still available prior to today. It was rumored Ribeiro had interest in going to 1 Western Conference and 1 Eastern Conference team of those interested last night, deciding to go with Nashville in the end.

Many Rangers fans did not want him based off his behavioral problems, but for the price he was nabbed at, why not take a chance and waive him if something goes wrong? He only put up 47 points last season, but has put up as much as 83 in his career and is only 34 years old. That pace was just below what Brad Richards did on the 2nd line for the Rangers this past season with his 51 points. The spotlight is on him and he knows he doesn’t have any more chances left. For the price, the Rangers should have been in the bidding for him. Based off the RFA article, the Rangers have just about $1 million in remaining cap space and Ribeiro for 1 year was a no-brainer.

The Rangers continue to stick with the system and only time will tell if they enter training camp with that mentality or look to make a trade.

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