Matt Read should be suspended for his hit on Carcillo, but he won’t be

April 23rd, 2014 at 10:00 am by Bill

Amidst all the god awful officiating in last night’s 4-1 Rangers victory against the Flyers, was this clear head shot by Matt Read on Daniel Carcillo that went uncalled. “As the video shows”, Read stuck his frickin’ elbow out intentionally to pop Carcillo in the dome. It’s a hit worthy of at least a game as the video is pretty damning. Read did it on purpose. He targeted and made contact with a player’s head in a totally unnecessary play.

dirty hit

Fortunately for Read and the Flyers, that player was Carcillo. And nobody likes Carcillo. He’s a jerk, not a human being, so no punishment will likely be coming to Read.

Especially now, since you know, Carcillo was doing stuff after the hit.


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