Lundqvist and Some Snow Keep Rangers Safe

June 12th, 2014 at 11:30 am by Ross Rhea

Snow slows the puck on the goal line

If Rangers fans hadn’t already suffered a heart attack in games 1 through 3, watching their team play well but still finding a way to lose, then this game was probably a massive coronary. The Kings controlled a majority of the play, especially in the 3rd period where the Rangers had their backs against the wall for a full 20 minutes. The Kings ended up putting 41 shots on Henrik Lundqvist to the Rangers 19 on Jonathan Quick. However, at the end of the game, the scoreboard read 2-1 in favor of the Rangers and it’ll keep them alive for at least 1 more trip back to Los Angeles.

The game was pretty simple. The Rangers stayed on top of Quick early and got, once again, a 2-goal lead before the game was halfway over. Benoit Pouliot found a near high-stick tip-in as he cruised through the slot on the first goal near the end of the powerplay. John Moore had the boomer from the point and I think that should be more of an occurrence going forward on the powerplay. On the 2nd goal, a broken stick and a bad rebound led the way for Marty St. Louis to come in and bury one as he crashed into the crossbar. Two simple plays, yet bodies in front of Quick led to trouble, which should be an ongoing mantra for the Rangers.

From there the game went into the hand’s of Lundqvist and he did not disappoint. Although the Rangers had a goal in the 2nd period, they also gave one back on a Girardi broken stick and made Hank save another 14. In the 3rd, the Kings really put on the pressure along with another 15 shots. Lundqvist, and on a late sequence, some snow along the goal line, saved the Cup from possibly being brought out on Madison Square Garden ice.

The Rangers look to be in much better spirits after the win last night. With new life and a Stanley Cup on the line, you never know what can come out of a team. The Rangers have been proving people wrong from the start so why not again. Game 5 in Los Angeles is a tough task, but make it back to New York City and anything can happen from there.

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