Referees Crease: Lundqvist and goalie interference in the Stanley Cup Final

June 8th, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Ross Rhea

I’m a referee, which means you probably hate me. But it also means I know what the right or wrong call is. Whenever there is a controversial call, I will weigh in with impunity.

lundqvist goalie interference

At 1:58 of the 3rd period, Matt Greene took a shot from the point that found its way into the net as Dwight King tipped it and fell on top of Henrik Lundqvist. Referee Dan O’Halloran immediately signaled for a goal as both Ryan McDonagh and Henrik Lundqvist argued. Being that a penalty is an not a reviewable play, the goal would stand to make the game 4-3 early in the 3rd period. The Kings wouldn’t need much more time as Marian Gaborik would find a loose puck the Rangers couldn’t clear to beat a flustered Lundqvist. The Kings would later on take the game in double overtime.

It seems as if O’Halloran thought McDonagh pushed King into him as the puck went past. Lundqvist seemed to have a heated conversation with him a short time after. However, after the game, Lundqvist gave an explanation into O’Halloran’s call and it was much different than what I thought.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 1.04.16 AMFor O’Halloran to say that the puck was already past Lundqvist is the biggest joke in the book. The contact was simultaneous to the puck going in and even deflected off King as it entered the back of the net. This was the exact same play that led to a goalie interference penalty by Benoit Pouliot in the 2nd period. Here is picture of the King non-call:

BpkmzFaIYAEzohsThis one is plain and simple, the referee got it wrong. Based off the standard set by the first goalie interference call, that was more than enough to merit at least a no-goal call. The complexity of the game changed from there and the Rangers eventually ended up on the losing end. This will be one the rules the league has to fix during the summer break as these plays cannot be non-reviewable anymore. Anyway, back to New York!

4 thoughts on “Referees Crease: Lundqvist and goalie interference in the Stanley Cup Final

  1. DJ Barr

    I agree with is article 100%. What is the NHL rule on a Crease violation? In Youth Hockey, if an opposing player enters the crease before the puck, it is an automatic whistle and a face off at neutral ice. The referee had two reasons to blow the whistle and did not. Referee performance throughout these playoffs has been atrocious at best. Pull the second Ref and add the NFL challenge rule to the NHL playoffs.

    1. Ross Rhea Post author

      NHL Rule these days pretty much allows players into the crease as long as they are not impeding the goaltender from doing his job. This includes initiation of contact which is clearly what King did by trying to fit through Lundqvist and McDonagh. McDonagh’s initial position has King pushed outward; King himself drives through the crease and falls into Lundqvist as the shot is coming through.

  2. Dan White

    O’Halloran effed up big time, but he isn’t man enough to admit his mistake. The Kings will have to add O’Halloran’s name to the Cup this year. Lundquist was clearly attempting to move from left to right INSIDE the crease and King impeded his movement from INSIDE the crease. What a travesty on the NHL officiating credibility.


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