Looking for a New York Rangers salary cap workbook?

June 20th, 2014 at 9:46 am by Bill

I do realize that CapGeek exists. But for some of us, excel will always be the preferred medium for playing with numbers. Below is a salary cap workbook for the Rangers. It should look familiar, it is similar to the workbook used on the roster page and in various posts. There really isn’t much else to do this time of year except drink (preferably on a beach or boat) and shoot the shit about hockey transactions that probably will never happen. So have at it. Screen cap your final rosters and email them to savebyrichterblog@gmail.com or tweet them @_SaveByRichter. Your final products will be shared on the site.

First person to squeeze Joe Thornton and Brian Campbell on the roster wins a prize that doesn’t exist. Shoot me a note if you have any issues with the file.

Direct link here.

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