Lightning sign Anton Stralman

July 1st, 2014 at 3:11 pm by Bill

The Lightning have signed Anton Stralman to a five year, $22.5M contract. For you math scholars out there, that’s the same $4.5M cap hit that the Rangers signed Dan Boyle for. According to Larry Brooks, Stralman asked the Rangers for the same contract and they refused.

The Rangers are making it pretty obvious that they didn’t truly understand the value of Anton Stralman; that they don’t understand why the team was so good last year; that Sather lucked into a really good team; and that they have zero appreciation or understanding of the value that analytics provide.

Instead of signing a 28 year old who is one of the best possession defensemen in the NHL to a five year deal, Sather saw fit to sign a 38 year old to a two year deal. A 38 year old who is totally incapable of replacing Stralman’s even strength minutes.


2 thoughts on “Lightning sign Anton Stralman

  1. paulronty

    As Disraeli once said, “there are lies, damned lies, & statistics.” I wouldn’t give Stralman that much money either. Good move by Rangers. Oh, & the sky is NOT falling.

  2. 071189

    Will be interesting to see how long the Staal/Boyle pairing lasts. Staal/Klein & Staal/Girardi didn’t work last year. Staal will be moved, because Rangers won’t have 4 defensemen signed to long term contracts. They already have Klein, McDonough, & Girardi making almost $3 mil or more and then the Boyle contract for 2 years. Rangers are in deep doo doo next season capwise, if Sather doesn’t move Staal.


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