MacLean: Joe Thornton only wants to be traded to the Rangers

June 18th, 2014 at 7:14 pm by Bill

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, an all-star caliber player may be traded and he only wants to be traded to the Rangers. Okay, so we’ve been down this road once or twice. According to Doug MacLean, Joe Thornton only wants to be traded to the Rangers. Thornton is the proud new owner of a NMC and pretty much can pick his destination. Now that MacLean has put this information out into the world, I would expect one of the usual suspects to confirm or deny. New York is an attractive destination for Thornton, the team is very close to a Cup and he can center his buddy Rick Nash. Earlier in the week, MacLean mentioned that the “Thornton to New York rumors just won’t go away”. He has now doubled down on that scenario.

3 thoughts on “MacLean: Joe Thornton only wants to be traded to the Rangers

  1. 071189

    Thornton scored 11 goals last season and hasn’t scored 20 goals since 2010. He has an annual cap hit of
    $6.75 mil for another 3 years.
    1) A trade of Nash for Thornton if Nash waives his NMC clause might work.
    2) A trade for St Louis might work as well, if San Jose includes junior’s center Chris Tierney, and a #1 or #2 pick.
    3) A trade for Richards if Rangers takes back some salary
    Otherwise, Rangers pass on this rapidly depreciating asset.

  2. 071189

    Upon further reflection, Thornton is not as good as Dubinsky.
    Trading Nash for Thornton would be Sather admitting he REALLY blew BIGTIME
    the Nash for Dubinsky Anisimov, Erixon, and a #1 was a monumental disaster.

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