It’s Only Weird if it Works

April 8th, 2014 at 2:00 pm by Retired Author

On the community website Reddit, there is a sub-community called r/Rangers. r/Rangers is a tight knit community that actively participates in game threads, post-game threads, and a Lucky Guess game throughout the season. At about the midway point in the season, a redditor by the username of shy_guy_ry lost one of his prized possessions.

A New York Rangers toaster.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

While it doesn’t seem like it does much more than make toast with the NYR logo on it, it may have helped stamp our ticket into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It all began with a nice gesture, shy_guy_ry brought the toaster he received for Christmas, to work to share his NYR toast with everyone.

shy_guy_ry recounts the events: Last Friday(1/17), one lady approached me and said that she had an old toaster oven that would be perfect in the office and she wanted to know if it was okay to bring it in. Thinking she asked my permission because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings by bringing in a more superior toasting machine, I said, “Yeah, that would be great! We would actually be able to toast bagels and stuff.” She said, “Great. I’ll bring it in on Monday.”

I had most of the week off, but when I came in on Thursday, I saw the toaster oven, but the NYR Toaster had disappeared. The lady wasn’t in and I figured it was in one of the many cupboards all over the new space. Today, I asked her where she had put it.

Lady: Well, we swapped the toasters… see, the toaster oven is there.

Me: But where is my toaster?

Lady: We swapped. I brought the toaster home.

Me: That was not the deal. I need my toaster back.

Lady: Well, I thought it was clear that I was going to give this toaster oven to the office and take your toaster to replace it at home.

Me: That is not what we agreed upon. If we are not going to use my NYR Toaster here, I will take it home.

Lady: Well, your toaster, it is not the same anymore.

Me: What do you mean?

Lady: Since I thought it was mine, I changed it.

Me: What do you mean you changed it?

Lady: I removed that logo on the front and pulled out the branding plate inside. It still works, but it is not the same as before.

Me: I want my toaster back and if it doesn’t print “NYR” on my bread, you are going to have to buy me a new toaster. I’ll email you a link to where you can purchase it.

Lady: I will see what I can do and return it to you.

It is believed that the toaster was dismantled on Tuesday the 21st which led to the Rangers to drop a 2-0 lead over the Islanders, resulting in a 5-3 loss.  Following this loss, the Rangers then lost another important contest against the St. Louis Blues, 2-1.

Shy_guy_ry finally received an email, detailing that the toaster was going to be returned. Once the toaster was repaired and printing beautiful NYR toast, the Rangers began to win again, starting with a 7-3 routing of the Devils at Yankee Stadium.

As a tribute to the toaster, shy_guy_ry began to make toast and post the picture on Reddit before each game. Depending on the quality of the imprint on the toast, usually determines the outcome of the game.  Shy_guy_ry will only eat the toast if it results in a Rangers win.

photo 1

Being a Colorodo resident, before the game against the Avalanche, shy_guy_ry waited patiently for the Rangers to return from their morning skate in an attempt to get the toaster autographed. Shy_guy_ry was lucky enough to get eight players to sign the toaster, hopefully adding a little more magic.

photo 2

(From L-R clockwise: Zucc, Dorsett, Hank, and Hagelin)

photo 4 (Top-Bottom: Richards & Staal)

photo 3 (From L-R: Stepan & St. Louis)

While the toast was only partially in our favor against the Avs, it was good enough to get us  a very important point.  So heading into the playoffs with the Devils loss last night, All Hail the Toast and thank you to shy_guy_ry for righting the wrongs. Again, it is only weird if it works.


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