Here comes the “if Steve Mason played the whole series” excuse

May 1st, 2014 at 2:31 pm by Bill

We all knew this was coming. The question of whether or not Steve Mason, the savior of Philadelphia goaltending, would have made a difference in the series against the Rangers. The narrative will go something like this: “If Steve Mason played the whole series, the Flyers would have won”.

Well, the thing about that is, that’s probably wrong. As great as Mason was, he was forced to be great because of a shitty Flyers defense. A shitty Flyers defense that somehow, Ray Emery managed to win one of his three starts playing behind. During 5 on 5, Emery posted a 94.6% save percentage if you remove game three when the entire Flyers team decided to take the night off. In similar fashion, the Rangers decided to take game six off with Mason as the beneficiary. In Mason’s four starts, he posted a 92.6% save percentage during 5 on 5. So the drop off between Mason and Emery is being exagerrated as a total nonesense narrative.

Oh and for as average as Henrik Lundqvist apparently was this series according to Flyers media types, he posted a 95.7% save percentage during 5 on 5.

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