Boyle unlikely to sign with Islanders, start the Rangers rumors

June 9th, 2014 at 6:11 pm by Bill

Last week, the Islanders traded for the negotiating rights of Sharks defenseman Dan Boyle. This week, it appears unlikely that Boyle will sign as a free agent with the Islanders. Andy Strickland reports that chances are “slim” that Boyle inks a deal with the Islanders. No surprise there. Boyle is 37 years old and likely wants his last contract to be with a “winner”. Although the Islanders have plugged their gigantic hole in goal with Jaroslav Halak, I would imagine Boyle wants more of a sure thing.

Boyle has perpetually been a rumored target for the Rangers over the years. Although he’s not my first choice, I wouldn’t be shocked if Sather kicked the tires or even pursued him this summer. The impending loss of Anton Stralman will leave a hole on the right side. Boyle isn’t ideal considering his age, decreasing mobility, and injury concerns. But I could see the argument for moving Kevin Klein up to the second pair and playing Boyle in a limited third pair role with power play time.

Again, not my first choice. Probably not even ideal. But it is a scenario that could very well unfold this summer. Boyle is seeking a two year contract, which in the eyes of this basement dwelling blogger, is a deal breaker.

Did I mention that Boyle once won a Cup with Martin St. Louis? That means he must be coming to New York. #amiright

5 thoughts on “Boyle unlikely to sign with Islanders, start the Rangers rumors

  1. David

    Rangers are like the Sharks of the east. Good enough during the season, but can’t handle that next level. Maybe inexperience…But they have players that have won before. As a die hard Islanders fan, two, three seasons from now, thy could be a completely different animal. In one direction or ANOTHER.

  2. David

    What good is goaltending, if your d-men haven’t learnend how 2 play an NHL style game? The last time i checked, almost all our d, are just coming up now…The ones that can and will make a real difference. So what do, we do? what we did 2 bailey? NO. if boyle doesnt sighn, oh well. I haven’t checked what fee agent’s are there, but Garth has 2 do something…Now. Weather it’s a trade or other means. WE HAVE MONEY, BUT NO BRAINS!

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