All Hail King Henrik! Rangers eliminate Penguins

May 14th, 2014 at 10:04 am by Bill

Rangers defeat Penguins GIF

Henrik Lundqvist did what The King does; he won a game seven and ended the Pittsburgh Penguins season in the process. Finally, the Rangers were able to overcome Sidney and Friends.

Although this rendition of the Penguins had a few inherent roster flaws, beating Crosby and Malkin en route to the Conference Finals adds some serious credibility to this Rangers team. The last time the Rangers made it this far in the playoffs, they avoided the Penguins (and the Flyers) thanks to favorable seeding. This time, the road went through Pittsburgh and the Rangers emerged the better team.

The Rangers found themselves in a 3-1 deficit after playing a god awful game four. All hope was lost.. until it wasn’t.

The Rangers stared adversity in the face and instead of crumbling, they collectively kicked adversity in the groin and gave it a curb stomp for good measure. The Rangers effectively ended all expectations of the Penguins Dynasty everyone expected would rise. Wholesale changes are coming in Pittsburgh and damn does it ever feel good to be the team to pound the final nail in the coffin.

Join me in savoring this series win today, because tomorrow a new enemy will emerge.

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