A quick word on Paul Stastny and the Rangers

June 19th, 2014 at 3:52 pm by Bill

There seems to be a common misunderstanding creeping around Rangers-land lately regarding Paul Stastny. So common in fact, that I feel compelled to address it. So the story goes, the Rangers shouldn’t trade for <insert name of center here> because we should keep our guys and have three good centers.

Just because the Rangers are buying out Brad Richards (they are actually doing that.. right?) doesn’t mean they can sign Stastny and essentially swap their cap space. The Rangers have a number of players due for a raise, most notably Mats Zuccarello, who will quickly eat up the cap savings from expelling Richards. You can take a look at the projected budget here. You will see that if the Rangers do sign Stastny, it will probably be at the expense of Derick Brassard. Or possibly a second pair defenseman who is actually reliable. The Rangers can’t sign Stastny without a trade to shed cap space, thus weakening another position. A stance in favor of signing Stastny cannot be substantiated with “because he won’t cost any of our guys in a trade”.

This is what the roster could look like with Stastny. As you can see, the budget is very tight. This includes trading Derek Dorsett and Derick Brassard for picks or prospects, re-signing Dan Carcillo, Dom Moore, Anton Stralman, and signing Mikhail Grabovski to fill the third line center spot.

12 thoughts on “A quick word on Paul Stastny and the Rangers

  1. PopLoserTwit

    Getting Stasny and letting Brassard walk as an RFA, all other things being equal, isnt a bad move, especially if it means keeping Stralman in that 2/3 D role. Could be easier for NYR to try and find a Brassard-level replacement (at a cheaper cost) than a Stasny one.

    1. bill goldthorpe

      It’s not a bad move. If you can trade Brass for a pick and sign Stastny to a contract that doesn’t suck and keep Stralman in the process. You may then have room for Grabo. It’s a win in my book if you can do that. Huge if though. As big of an if as a trade for Thornton would be.

  2. paulronty

    I’d much rather keep Brassard & lose Stralman because that amount for him is LUDICROUS. We can resign Diaz, or hopefully one of Allen, McIlrath, Bodine(?) or Zamorsky can take a spot.

  3. 071189

    Stasny isn’t coming here. Grabovsky & resigning Dominick Moore would be nice, but at some point Miller & Lindberg have to be play for the Rangers. You just can’t keep them in Hartford forever. Same goes for Fasth.
    At some point in time, at the end of next year, they become RFAs and you can’t keep all your young players in the minors until they are RFAs
    So let Boyle go, buyout Richards, left Falk go, trade Staal, resign Stralman, Brassard, Dominick & John Moore. What do we do with McIlrath-send him to Hartford for a 3rd year?????
    Trading Staal & McIlrath pretty much leaves Sather & Gordie Clark’s legacy with 1st rd picks since 2002 to just Kreider, Miller, & that 3rd pairing defenseman playing in college whose name always escapes me.

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  5. 071189

    Just don’t mention Girardi, Lundquist, Hagelin, or Fasth in the same breath with Gordie Clark. Crista Rockstrom, who discovered Lundquist, Hagelin, and Fasth was canned because he was having better luck with 6th & 7th rd picks than Sather’s gumb ba from Boston. Clark had no clue hadn’t a clue about those guys and 2nd guest about Rockstrom’s infatuation with Lundquist. In fact, Clark kept sending people to Sweden to check on Lundquist, because Clark didn’t like Lundquist as a prospect. Dan Girardi was discovered by scout Larry Bernard who pleaded that the Rangers draft Girardi, and instead Girardi was signed as an undrafted free agent. In fact, Kevin Klein played on the same team as Girardi

  6. 071189

    Stasny is not accepting anything less than $7.5 mil. Rangers need to cut salary to keep players with upside.
    Brassard, Zuccarello, Kreider, Stralman, and John Moore have upside.and have shown improvement. Pouliot at 15 goals a season, with his size (6-3) and youth (27) is a necessary retention. Dominick Moore at $1.5 mil is a keeper.
    Staal has regressed the last 3 years and has clearly shown he is NOT a 2nd pairing defenseman once you remove Stralman as his partner. Stralman is a 2nd pairing defenseman regardless of you put out there.
    Boyle is done, big, strong, but has shown himself to be nothing but a slow, 4th liner, good at faceoffs, playing the body, penalty killing.
    Hagelin, Stepan, Dominick Moore, and maybe Nash or Dorsett can handle the penalty killing.
    Would be nice to move BOTH Staal & Nash, then sign Stasny…….but Sather just isn’t the brightest light
    in the forest, a few French fries short of a happy meal, his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, etc. etc.


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