A monumental day in Rangers history, the day Callahan was traded for St. Louis

May 26th, 2014 at 1:40 pm by Bill

March 5, 2014 will go down as one of the most monumental days in Rangers history. It was the day Glen Sather traded Ryan Callahan and two first round picks to the Lightning for Martin St. Louis. It was an absolute bombshell of a trade necessitated by Callahan’s outrageous contract demands and St. Louis’ desire to wear Rangers blue. It was a rare perfect storm for the Rangers.

Despite his early struggles adjusting to his new team, St. Louis has been dynamite for the Rangers in their march to the Stanley Cup Final. He leads the Rangers with 13 points, including six goals, while averaging 19 minutes of ice time. He has been every bit of the difference maker that he was assumed and promised to be; a rare occurrence since the days of Mark Messier.

Addressing the Callahan for St. Louis trade rumors:

Hell yes. I’ll say this is a good trade for the Rangers every day of the week and thrice on Sunday. But that is precisely why I don’t see the trade as a possibility. St. Louis, even at age 38 with a year left on his contract, is well beyond the player that Callahan is. In fact, adding St. Louis this year, even at the expense of Callahan, probably makes the Rangers contenders.

One the day Callahan was traded for St. Louis:

Despite banging the drums for this deal to happen, I’m relatively miserable right now. Gross is one way to put it, mostly because I may or may not have thrown up a little bit. This just feels wrong; even though it is right.

Glen Sather addressing the media after the trade:

The week after the trade was completed:

Last week Sather pressed the button, he decided to really go for it. It was the right decision. The team can’t sit idly by making insignificant moves and hope a Stanley Cup ring will materialize. Bold moves are required. Acquiring St. Louis is a bold move, for the right player, at the right time, at an acceptable cost. This is much different than past Rangers moves for the wrong player, at the wrong time, at an egregious cost.

And now this goal:

One has to wonder, “what exactly is going through Ryan Callahan’s mind right now?”.

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